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Filippo Berio review for Bzzagent.com

10 Июл

All product samples, which described in the review below, were provided by Bzzagent.com and Filippo Berio brand. As a current Bzzagent member, I have personally tried and proud to share my humble opinion in review on these products, based on my own experience.

First of all, I am in love with olive oil. Usually I have two bottles of it in my kitchen – one for cooking and one for special occasions to make a nice herb dip or sprinkle on caprese. Also I have a couple of my favorite and proved brands I tend to stick to.
I tried Filippo Berio olive oil and really liked it! I was impressed with fascinating flavor it has and classical color. Also it is a good combination of quality and price. This product came to the US directly from Italy and it is a great oil to add to salads or just mix it with your favorite herbs and dip crusty slice of bread in it. It is a kind of oil you will be sorry to cook with because it will feel like a waste! Personally I added it to salads and enjoyed its rich flavor the way it is. Basically Filippo Berio has all we love about olive oil!

I definitely would recommend it to olive oil lovers for its rich flavor which is totally worth every penny in its price.


Online classes on Coursera.com

19 Янв

Я тут было начал брать онлайн классы (ну кончено на халяву, но не какая-то там мутная бесплатная дрянь)… в общем думал писать, да лень — тут вот gentle_witch постаралась уже и написала пост
От себя осталось повториться добавить, что очень интересная штука. Кучи очень разных классов которые ведут профессора из различных американских университетов. Не просто кучки видео-лекций или туториалов, а вполне достойные уроки с заданиями, тестами, форумами для обсуждения. Лично меня радует наличие некого графика, все четко организовано и идет по порядку — т.е. вам не дают сотню видиков и иди смотри пока башка не лопнет, а всего понемножку — каждую неделю выкладываются видео, вы их глядите, проходите тесты и получаете оценки. Короче виден прогресс и все такое. Я, лично, нахватил пару-тройку уроков, скорее для поднятия личного самообразования так сказать, а не для профессиональных нужд, но кто знает — может и в работе пригодится. Хотя бы тот факт что все на английском уже полезно.
В конце, я так понимаю, даже дают всяческие сертификаты. Конечно, ценности в них нет ни шиша мало, но опять таки, может и пригодится. Думаю вся эта затея пока бесплатна для раскрутки, а уже очень скоро они будут работать по какой-нибудь платной подписке, и может даже их сертификаты будут хоть как то узнаваемы. Да так и есть — ГУГЛНУЛ
Видео можно смотерть с браузеров, качать, читать субтитры, вообще кучи инструментов  и бла бла бла.. Короче если кому интересно — идти читать тот пост или просто на сайт курсеры — https://www.coursera.org/ так все весьма доступно. Все что надо это, конечно, понимать англ хоть как-то… иначе, думаю, все это очень напряжно…
Добавлю еще всяких картинок…

MorningStar Farms Burger Review

19 Янв


All product samples, which described in the review below, were provided by Bzzagent.com and Morning Star Farms brand. As a current Bzzagent member, I have personally tried and proud to share my humble opinion in a review of these products, based on my own experience.

Hey guys! I am not a vegetarian I like meat. I really like juicy medium rare steak or burger. But, honestly, I ate the one I made with this Morning Star Farms burgers and was really surprised how tasty it was.

I’ve got MorningStar Farms® Grillers® Original one and grilled it on my electric grill at home. It took me about 10 minutes to cook those guys and I’ve had a nice lunch (you can see it in a picture). I can’t add much to this. For 3.99$ you going to get four pieces of meatless meat 🙂 It is not the best meal you can get, but I wish I knew about them when I was trying to be a vegetarian a year ago. Because, I would certainly eat them couple days a week , because this burger reminds me taste of meat more then any other “vegetarian meat” product so far.


RedBox or Netflix

19 Янв


All product samples, which described in the review below, were provided by Bzzagent.com and RebBox Instant by Verizon brand. As a current Bzzagent member, I have personally tried and proud to share my humble opinion in a review of these products, based on my own experience.

To start with – I have been a Netflix user for about a year now. I decided to try RedBox, because I’ve got this opportunity to test it for free for 30 days. I think, today anyone can try it for free. The process of registration is very simple – you provide your address and credit card and can start right away. They will not charge you for the first 30 days and will charge you $8 per month starting second month. So, let’s see what’s included.

For 8 bucks a month you will get 4 credits* and unlimited online streaming of any title available at their web-site**.

As you noticed there is couple of asterisks. Well, of course there are some asterisks. First – you will be able use your credits only for DVD discs, and you have to upgrade*** or add a few cents for Blu-ray. Second – there are very few titles available for instant streaming. I mean, there are a lot of titles, but I could not find anything interesting to watch online. Most of titles were available for rent or to purchase starting 4.99$.

Oh, another asterisk – if you will upgrade during your trial period – it will be suspended and you will start paying 9$ immediately.

So, let’s see. 4 credits means you can have four disks per month. This is not a lot comparing to Netflix. I am not aware about most places, but here, in Seattle, it takes them a day to receive and send another disk back to me. So, sometimes I can watch three movies per week for the same money. Of course, after you spend your 4 credits you can rent a DVD for 1.20$ (DVD) or 1.50 (Blu-ray) In additional, you will be charged 1.20$ (every day) if you will not return the disk the very next day.

The good thing about RedBox that happened to me is that I was able to find couple titles that were not available on Netflix (well they were, but I wanted to see them immediately). So, I’ve got a couple Bly-ray disks (even paid for them, yes) and watched them same evening. One of them was Paranorman (crappy movie I say).

So, let’s summarize – if you watch about 4 disks a month, and you are not very concerned about the Blu — ray format and wide selection of titles, or if you don’t really plan ahead your movie list and you are the person who would like to rent a DVD at the closest grocery store and watch it that same evening – this is not a bad option for you! I am not sure if you have to have a subscription to rent a DVD, but I will stick with Netflix 🙂

Халява VS Бесплатно

16 Дек

Я люблю халяву. Ты любишь халяву. Все любят халяву. Читать далее

Good Chalice, Right Beer

16 Дек


All product samples, which described in the review below, were provided by Bzzagent.com and Stella Artois brand. As a current Bzzagent member, I have personally tried and proud to share my humble opinion in review on these products, based on my own experience.

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

-Benjamin Franklin-

To start with – I am originally from Ukraine (it’s kind of a part of Europe). In Europe – everyone would drink lager. Second thing – I live in Seattle, WA for three years so far. That is why I don’t drink lager anymore 🙂 Thanks for a glass Stella Artois, it is really nicely done. I tried 9-step pouring ritual with a bottle of a great locally brewed Red Ale and it was delicious. It is always delicious 🙂

In general, I liked the fact that it is holding the temperature for a long time, comparing to a regular glass. Also, it does change the top – made a rich layer of foam. It is a big nice chalice and I certainly enjoyed having big gulps of my favorite beer from it.
IMG_0346 IMG_0345

Great Quality and Taste from Private Selection

21 Ноя


All product samples, which described in the review below, were provided by Bzzagent.com and Private Selection brand. As a current Bzzagent member, I have personally tried and proud to share my humble opinion in review on these products, based on my own experience.

Probably, reviews about food are my favorite.  I was really glad when I received an offer from Private Selection to try their products.  I am familiar with this company and purchased teas and chees from them before. I was glad, because among other goods, they’ve sent me a bag of coffee, a pack of crackers and a can of olives which I never tried before.  Well, let’s go step-by-step.

Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven.

~Jessi Lane Adams

I love coffee. By this I mean next: I am buying green unroasted organic coffee beans, I roast them by myself manually in a pan, then I grind it and then I brew my coffee in a Turkish pot. This is my favorite way of doing a good coffee and usually it is hard to surprise me with interesting coffee. But, I was really enjoying while drinking Private Selection coffee. I’ve got a bag of Costa Rican Tarrazu medium-dark ground coffee. I believe it is a new product for this company and right after opening a bag I had a feeling that I will enjoy it. The smell was really good. It was a smell of freshly grinded coffee beans! I tried several methods of brewing it: I’ve used an automatic coffee maker, a French press and I brewed it right in my cupI don’t really want to talk about coffee that I’ve got from a machine – to me any coffee from coffee machine taste the same. It is a convenient method of having a cup of coffee, but not the best one. Much better results I’ve received from French press – very rich flavor, very strong taste, a lot of caffeine! And the best one I’ve got when I made it right in a coffee cup. The recipe is simple — couple teaspoons and 8oz of near boiling water.   This way you will get smooth taste and great smell! I prefer medium roast coffees, but this one was medium-dark and would say it is almost dark roast. It has bitter taste, but I was really enjoying it.

Would totally recommend it to all coffee lovers, who don’t want to waste a lot of time preparing a good cup of coffee and who want to enjoy full-bodied, uniquely robust flavor.

Crackers and Olives

Personally, I prefer organic food, but it is pricy some times and then I am replacing it with not organic, but with a very good quality products. That’s when I choose Private Selection Deli Meat & Cheese. What I like about this company in general – they don’t stuff their products with “extra ingredients”. Usually, it is only what necessary. Same thing I can tell about crackers and olives I’ve got. Crackers were Classic Water Crisps and made with flour, water, oil and salt. I had another two brands of crackers at that moment and defiantly Private Selection were the best. Even my cat came and asked for it. She never asked for the food I ate, but that time she came and started to sniff the box with crackers. I’ve crumbled one for her and she ate the whole cracker! I’ll post a picture of her to prove this 🙂 This is a very good sign for me, because I believe she wouldn’t eat unhealthy food.

I really like Blue Cheese, but I never tried olives stuffed with blue cheese before. That’s why I was happy to try Private Selection Blue Cheese Stuffed green olives in brine and I really enjoyed these guys also. I was really pleased with ingredients and taste. The best part is that they are not very salty! This is the part I usually hate about stuff in brine – it is very salty for me, but not that one.

In conclusion, I wanted to wrap all things I wrote above: I liked Private Selection brand before, I have tried cheese, teas and meats of this company already. Before this review I‘ve received and tried coffee, crackers and olives. Like always – I enjoyed with very good quality, great taste, smell and healthy ingredients in all products of this company. I will certainly recommend and will buy food from them in future.

New G® Collection from Gold Toe

21 Ноя

All product samples described in the review below were provided by Bzzagent.com and Gold Toe. As a current Bzzagent member I have personally tried, used in-store coupons and proud to share honest review on these products based on my own experience and opinion.  

First, I was thinking it is going to be very hard to post a review about socks and tee shirts, because these are such a simple products, which do not require a lot of to say about, but a little after I realized that I am concerned about few moments every time I am choosing another new pair of socks.
Reviewing the new G® Collection from Gold Toe I would like to mention this few moments.
Personally I prefer cotton clothing. I feel itchy when t-shirts are made with some artificial materials and I prefer to stay away from cold, so I believe cotton works the best for me. Tee shirts arrived made with 100% cotton and socks were mostly cotton with a bit of rayon and nylon. This is great for me, because during a week of using these products I feel comfy and warm. 
Design and quality
I really like the design of these socks. They have enforced toe and heel which is mean I will wear them longer 🙂 I washed and dried them in washing machine and they didn’t lost color or look (at least after first try).  My shoe size is 8 and I received sock size 10-13 (shoe size 6-12) and they fit perfectly.
According to price tags every pair of socks cost 6$. Well it is a little pricy comparing to some Ross prices where you probably can get two pairs for this price, but I don’t think it is going to be the same quality and materials.
Overall, I would recommend the Gold Toe company and this new G collection socks to everyone, because it is very good combination of quality, materials and price.