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All product samples, which described in the review below, were provided by Bzzagent.com and Draftmark brand. As a current Bzzagent member, I have personally tried and proud to share my humble opinion in review on these products, based on my own experience.

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
-Benjamin Franklin-

To start with – I am originally from Ukraine (it’s kind of a part of Europe). In Europe – everyone would drink lager. Second thing – I live in Seattle, WA for three years so far. That is why I don’t drink lager anymore 🙂

This review is going to be short. Just couple things to tell. First off all, if you live in area where there are about 35 breweries around and you really know the difference between fresh draft beer and bottled one then you should stop reading this and go to your favorite pub to order a pincher of your favorite locally brewed drink. However, if you like beer bottled by Budwiser, Coors or some light Corona then you should, probably, take a look at this new device provided by Draftmark. You can find more description and instructions for this pouring machine on they web-site, but I just wanted to mention few things about id. First of all, the price – 50$ retail is not fair for some bottle holder with air pump inside. All it does – squeezes the canister of beer you prefer. The cost of this thing would scare me if would consider buying something like this. The beer itself is not expensive. The one gallon canister going to cost you around 15$. This is about 8 generous glasses of beer. The canister comes prefilled with CO2. So it is carbonated, but after pouring, you are not going to see many bubbles. You can make a foam the size you want, though )

To summarize, this is not the device a beer lover should look into. There is nothing special in taste or technology used in pouring. It could be much better if more companies would provide they nicely brewed beers to this Draftmark collection. But, it can be a great addition to a general beer-party considering you can refrigerate few canister of beer of different brands and the device will provide a cool looking image and fun to almost any occasion or event.


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