RedBox or Netflix

19 Янв


All product samples, which described in the review below, were provided by and RebBox Instant by Verizon brand. As a current Bzzagent member, I have personally tried and proud to share my humble opinion in a review of these products, based on my own experience.

To start with – I have been a Netflix user for about a year now. I decided to try RedBox, because I’ve got this opportunity to test it for free for 30 days. I think, today anyone can try it for free. The process of registration is very simple – you provide your address and credit card and can start right away. They will not charge you for the first 30 days and will charge you $8 per month starting second month. So, let’s see what’s included.

For 8 bucks a month you will get 4 credits* and unlimited online streaming of any title available at their web-site**.

As you noticed there is couple of asterisks. Well, of course there are some asterisks. First – you will be able use your credits only for DVD discs, and you have to upgrade*** or add a few cents for Blu-ray. Second – there are very few titles available for instant streaming. I mean, there are a lot of titles, but I could not find anything interesting to watch online. Most of titles were available for rent or to purchase starting 4.99$.

Oh, another asterisk – if you will upgrade during your trial period – it will be suspended and you will start paying 9$ immediately.

So, let’s see. 4 credits means you can have four disks per month. This is not a lot comparing to Netflix. I am not aware about most places, but here, in Seattle, it takes them a day to receive and send another disk back to me. So, sometimes I can watch three movies per week for the same money. Of course, after you spend your 4 credits you can rent a DVD for 1.20$ (DVD) or 1.50 (Blu-ray) In additional, you will be charged 1.20$ (every day) if you will not return the disk the very next day.

The good thing about RedBox that happened to me is that I was able to find couple titles that were not available on Netflix (well they were, but I wanted to see them immediately). So, I’ve got a couple Bly-ray disks (even paid for them, yes) and watched them same evening. One of them was Paranorman (crappy movie I say).

So, let’s summarize – if you watch about 4 disks a month, and you are not very concerned about the Blu — ray format and wide selection of titles, or if you don’t really plan ahead your movie list and you are the person who would like to rent a DVD at the closest grocery store and watch it that same evening – this is not a bad option for you! I am not sure if you have to have a subscription to rent a DVD, but I will stick with Netflix 🙂


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