World Trade Center

5 Янв

world tradeThis is the eighth 3D laser cut model from Metal Works (Metal Marvels) I’ve purchased.

It was the easiest model to assemble so far. If you don’t have experience assembling small model I would recommend starting with this particular model. It has few parts and most of them are pretty big sized, so it is really easy to put them together.

I would recommend next set of tools to make the process of assembling much smoother:
— Needle nose pliers TEKTON 3511 8-Inch Long Nose Pliers
— Small flat screwdriver (1/4″ Bit) Flat Head Screwdriver — 1/4″ Bit — 6″ Shaft
— Tweezers General Tools 415 Utility Tweezers
— Some hard (metal) flat surface to make 90⁰ bends

Also, sometimes instead of making 90⁰ bends, it is easier to grab a pin with nose pliers and make a twist clockwise, it is really helpful especially when the party going to be covered.

I have attached some pictures, so you can see how the process of assembling looks like.

The model does not require any additional hardware or glue to finish. It is made with high quality materials and looks awesome. I really like how it’s designed and manufactured. For example, when I was assembling London Bridge I misread the instruction and had to disassemble half of it and then put them back together. I didn’t break anything while moving parts front and back – which is a really good sign of quality.

I would recommend following every part of the instructions which included with every item. Instructions are very clear and easy to read, and sometimes if you miss-follow them you might need to redo some steps again.

In conclusion, I would like to summarize everything I said before: great quality, design, instructions. No additional hardware required, but you might want to use some tools. A little experience required, but recommended for beginner. It is durable enough, so my cat couldn’t destroy it 🙂

It is very interesting and nice model. Definitely not a toy, but a great present for 13+ kids who interested in modeling. I will buy more models from this company for sure. Check out other models from this company on Amazon.




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