Lean Cuisine Review for BzzAgent.com

5 Янв

All product samples, which described in the review below, were provided by Bzzagent.com and Lean Cuisine brand. As a current Bzzagent member, I have personally tried and proud to share my humble opinion in a review of these products, based on my own experience.

I said it before and I am saying this again – I really like to write reviews about the food. Also, I really like salads. I like various kinds of greens mixed with some kind of meat, chicken or fish, like tuna. I always put few croutons for crunch and olive oil for better taste. Salads full of vitamins and they are really refreshing after the hard day at work. The only one minus in them is the fact that you need a lot of components in a kitchen to be able to prepare a good salad. You need few kinds of vegetables or at least lettuce, you need pre-cooked meat or at least a can of tuna and you need some nice ranch to add, not to mention crunchy stuff on top and some cheese, like parmesan would not hurt.

Previously, I was buying some mixes of salads from various companies and I think , they don’t have all the components I am looking for in a good salad. That is why I was waiting for my first Lean Cuisine Salad kit to try.

To start with – I live in Seattle and after I got my coupons it was really hard to find the product in stores near me. I found the salad in a neighboring city, where I was shopping for Christmas holidays. Well, what can I say – if you the one who likes some pre-cooked food from frozen departments like pizza or hot pockets, and you don’t want to spend more than two minutes for cooking your dish – that’s is your choice! Because or couple bucks you are going to get not a bad addition to your salad and microwaved slice of pizza. All you need is a microwave, some lettuce and 2 to 3 minutes of time to spend. It has some chicken, crunch toppings, spices and ranch. My concern was about the amount of product, because it is barely enough for one serving, I guess.

To summarize, if you need to add something to your lunch, because eating toast with peanut butter only is not very healthy, you should give this product a try, but if you a person who like to cook his own dinner with marinated salmon, grilled with asparagus and served with Italian pasta, do not expect a lot from this product. Probably, you should just pick your own vegetables, toppings and ranch, even though it is going to cost you ten times more.
Eat well and be healthy!


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