Great Quality and Taste from Private Selection

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All product samples, which described in the review below, were provided by and Private Selection brand. As a current Bzzagent member, I have personally tried and proud to share my humble opinion in review on these products, based on my own experience.

Probably, reviews about food are my favorite.  I was really glad when I received an offer from Private Selection to try their products.  I am familiar with this company and purchased teas and chees from them before. I was glad, because among other goods, they’ve sent me a bag of coffee, a pack of crackers and a can of olives which I never tried before.  Well, let’s go step-by-step.

Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven.

~Jessi Lane Adams

I love coffee. By this I mean next: I am buying green unroasted organic coffee beans, I roast them by myself manually in a pan, then I grind it and then I brew my coffee in a Turkish pot. This is my favorite way of doing a good coffee and usually it is hard to surprise me with interesting coffee. But, I was really enjoying while drinking Private Selection coffee. I’ve got a bag of Costa Rican Tarrazu medium-dark ground coffee. I believe it is a new product for this company and right after opening a bag I had a feeling that I will enjoy it. The smell was really good. It was a smell of freshly grinded coffee beans! I tried several methods of brewing it: I’ve used an automatic coffee maker, a French press and I brewed it right in my cupI don’t really want to talk about coffee that I’ve got from a machine – to me any coffee from coffee machine taste the same. It is a convenient method of having a cup of coffee, but not the best one. Much better results I’ve received from French press – very rich flavor, very strong taste, a lot of caffeine! And the best one I’ve got when I made it right in a coffee cup. The recipe is simple — couple teaspoons and 8oz of near boiling water.   This way you will get smooth taste and great smell! I prefer medium roast coffees, but this one was medium-dark and would say it is almost dark roast. It has bitter taste, but I was really enjoying it.

Would totally recommend it to all coffee lovers, who don’t want to waste a lot of time preparing a good cup of coffee and who want to enjoy full-bodied, uniquely robust flavor.

Crackers and Olives

Personally, I prefer organic food, but it is pricy some times and then I am replacing it with not organic, but with a very good quality products. That’s when I choose Private Selection Deli Meat & Cheese. What I like about this company in general – they don’t stuff their products with “extra ingredients”. Usually, it is only what necessary. Same thing I can tell about crackers and olives I’ve got. Crackers were Classic Water Crisps and made with flour, water, oil and salt. I had another two brands of crackers at that moment and defiantly Private Selection were the best. Even my cat came and asked for it. She never asked for the food I ate, but that time she came and started to sniff the box with crackers. I’ve crumbled one for her and she ate the whole cracker! I’ll post a picture of her to prove this 🙂 This is a very good sign for me, because I believe she wouldn’t eat unhealthy food.

I really like Blue Cheese, but I never tried olives stuffed with blue cheese before. That’s why I was happy to try Private Selection Blue Cheese Stuffed green olives in brine and I really enjoyed these guys also. I was really pleased with ingredients and taste. The best part is that they are not very salty! This is the part I usually hate about stuff in brine – it is very salty for me, but not that one.

In conclusion, I wanted to wrap all things I wrote above: I liked Private Selection brand before, I have tried cheese, teas and meats of this company already. Before this review I‘ve received and tried coffee, crackers and olives. Like always – I enjoyed with very good quality, great taste, smell and healthy ingredients in all products of this company. I will certainly recommend and will buy food from them in future.


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