New G® Collection from Gold Toe

21 Ноя

All product samples described in the review below were provided by and Gold Toe. As a current Bzzagent member I have personally tried, used in-store coupons and proud to share honest review on these products based on my own experience and opinion.  

First, I was thinking it is going to be very hard to post a review about socks and tee shirts, because these are such a simple products, which do not require a lot of to say about, but a little after I realized that I am concerned about few moments every time I am choosing another new pair of socks.
Reviewing the new G® Collection from Gold Toe I would like to mention this few moments.
Personally I prefer cotton clothing. I feel itchy when t-shirts are made with some artificial materials and I prefer to stay away from cold, so I believe cotton works the best for me. Tee shirts arrived made with 100% cotton and socks were mostly cotton with a bit of rayon and nylon. This is great for me, because during a week of using these products I feel comfy and warm. 
Design and quality
I really like the design of these socks. They have enforced toe and heel which is mean I will wear them longer 🙂 I washed and dried them in washing machine and they didn’t lost color or look (at least after first try).  My shoe size is 8 and I received sock size 10-13 (shoe size 6-12) and they fit perfectly.
According to price tags every pair of socks cost 6$. Well it is a little pricy comparing to some Ross prices where you probably can get two pairs for this price, but I don’t think it is going to be the same quality and materials.
Overall, I would recommend the Gold Toe company and this new G collection socks to everyone, because it is very good combination of quality, materials and price.


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